Application of Bax Normalization in Saudi Arabia: The how!

Stephan Bax argues that, "Our aim should be to attain a state of `normalization' in which the technology is invisible and truly integrated"

Stephan Bax with this article he gave a look to future language classes, his look to the classes that will use technology but not any technology, using specially computers in teaching languages.  He also divided CALL into three approaches “phases” the first one is Restricted CALL
Language system, in this approach classes will only use computer and take place in language lap.  The second approach is Open CALL System and skills, computers are mainly used but the classes involves interaction between the student in the classroom sitting and the third approach is Integrated CALL Integrated language it mainly involves interaction between the student and use computers within the lesson.
As for the use of CALL in Saudi schools I believe that soon we will see that, with all the changes in teaching languages in classes. We see some of integrated CALL in many English classes nowadays teachers use power point slides. I hope that soon open CALL we be used in schools not as it is now only in English department in universities. 


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    I like how you focused on the meaning of CALL and how you explained what did Bax meant with it and he talked about it ,I can see that you did your job greatly

  4. Hi Abrar

    I also hope that soon open CALL we be used in schools not as it is now only in English department in universities.But applying normalisation to our Saudi context is not an easy process. However, if we make the changes and use the means that Stephen Bax suggested, normalisation of CALL can be achieved.

  5. Yes, agree Abrar that one day, inshaa'Allah normalisation will be achieved in Saudi context. However, have yo uthought of schools, state or private, class size, infrastructure, sufficient computers at the computer labs, Internet availability, e-libraries, etc. How long will this take to be available? Who/When/How always take longer than what we expect in the Arab world. I am not saying not to be optimistic, but we have to live in reality. Reaching normalization in our Arab educational systems is possible, but not easy.

    Well put down!
    Dr. Hala