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As for teaching with the use of CALL, I think I will teach them as a start how to use wiki spaces, since that I found they could be very helpful to start an online class.
First I’ll start with introduction on what is wiki space and how are we going to use it in our class. On that wiki the students will flow their progress and find the full syllabus, they will also see their marks and classroom evaluation, so they can perform better. 
The activities that are going to be on the wiki are for all English skills for example upload a sound track for the Ss to do speaking exercise. And give them feedback immediately. Listening also I may upload a track with the questions that they should answer then do the activity and send it to me as a privet post.
For reading and writing I loved google docs I will send a reading passage or an article with the comprehension questions to do and send my the answers. For writing it's different I'll post the instruction as a google doc and they will do the assignment each one on a separate document, they can share their docs. 
Using CALL in teaching is really interesting for both teacher and students.   

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  1. Good ideas! The most important thing taken from your ideas is that your students will not get bored or lose concentration, as you will be keeping them engaged and actively participating.
    Keep on thinking of using digital tools!
    Dr. Hala
    P.S It would be better if you go for more spell-checking on your next posts:-)